Pump Basic Products and Applications Course

Lowara trainings pump fundamentalsThe Pump Basic Training Course covers all Xylem products manufactured in Europe including end suction, multistage, HVAC, borehole, drainage, sewage pumps, booster sets and variable speed drives. During the four-day class, attendees will receive instruction regarding the selection, sizing and installation of these pumps and features/benefits of each product, as well as interactive training in the demonstration classroom. The Pump Basic Course also includes a plant tour of the manufacturing facility. Each attendee will learn how to select and size the proper pump for the application. In addition, attendees will receive valuable experience in selecting, sizing and installing all the pumps available in the Xylem Portfolio.

Duration: 4 days
Locations: All

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Detailed program:


Pump Basic

The Pump Basic course covers the fundamental aspects of pump theory, starting from the design principles, ns (specific speed), different impeller types, flow, head, power, NPSH and selection considerations. Examples, exercises and practical tips will be delivered.
Duration: 5 hours.


Xylem product portfolio

A complete overview of the Xylem portfolio for the region, including pumps, controls, Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and booster sets.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Factory tour

Xylem’s facilities adopt the Lean Manufacturing approach, reducing the delivery time and waste with very high flexibility. During the tour the visitor has the possibility to see all the different steps in the manufacturing process, starting with the raw material up to shipment of the final product.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

End suction pumps

A complete presentation of Xylem end suction pumps starting from the small blockpump in pressed stainless steel up to the big casted tailor-made pumps, together with their main applications.
Duration: 2 hours.


Multistage pumps

A complete presentation of Xylem multistage pumps, one of the most extensive ranges available in the market. Starting from the small horizontal e-HM up to the big MP pumps, together with their main applications.
Duration: 2 hours.

Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

A complete presentation of Xylem drives and monitoring systems; a comprehensive portfolio of Variable Speed Drives for all applications (residential, commercial, industrial) and a technical presentation of the range. A practical session on different demo units is provided.
Duration: 3 hours.


Booster sets

During this session attendees learn how to select, size and program the different booster set units combined with various electronic equipment. After a general overview on the different configurations, attendees will have the chance to set up a real boosting system in different simulated conditions.
Duration: 2 hours.

Wastewater pumps

A complete presentation of Xylem wastewater pumps for residential and commercial building services, covering the drainage and sewage range as well the different impeller technologies available. The attendees will also see the pumps working in different conditions on a demonstration unit.
Duration: 1 hour.

Borehole pumps

Xylem’s borehole products are suitable for different markets with different configurations available. During this session attendees will learn how to select, size, install and couple pumps, motors, Variable Speed Drives and filters, in order to achieve the right system for the right application.
Duration: 2 hours.