Water Systems Applications Course: Design and Selection

Lowara traings pump fundamentalsThe Pump Advanced Training Course covers theory and design for non-standard pumps: viscosity, impurities and erosion, motor selection, variable speed and its interaction with pumps and systems. The Pump Advanced Course also includes a plant tour of the manufacturing facility in Montecchio, Italy or Strzelin, Poland. Each attendee will learn how to select and size the proper pump for the application. In addition, attendees will receive valuable experience in selecting, sizing and installing all the pumps available in the Xylem Portfolio.

***Prerequisite: Minimum three years’ experience with pumps and drives. Pre-approval is required.

Duration: 3 days + 1 optional day
Locations: Montecchio Maggiore, Italy, Strzelin, Poland

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Detailed program:


Pump Advanced
The Pump Advanced session covers all special working conditions and installation of clean water pumps. Attendees receive information on how to select and size the right system in different situations, like heating systems (how the NPSHR changes, which material is more suitable, etc), multipump operations, the different behaviors of viscous liquid, and how to install a pump or system properly in particular conditions. Examples, exercises and practical tips will be delivered.
Duration: 5 hours.


Xylem product portfolio
A complete overview of the Xylem portfolio for the region, including pumps, controls, Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and booster sets.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Factory tour
Xylem’s facilities adopt the Lean Manufacturing approach, reducing the delivery time and waste with very high flexibility. During the tour the visitor has the possibility to see all the different steps in the manufacturing process, starting with the raw material up to shipment of the final product.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Water supply system design
A session dedicated to water supply system design for building. Attendees will learn how to calculate the flow and head of the system, together with standard design methods. Additionally how to select and size the proper booster sets, how to choose the right VSD system and how to prevent problems and issues during installation will be covered. A hands-on session is included in the lesson.
Duration: 2 hours.


HVAC – heating and cooling systems design
A lesson totally dedicated to heating and cooling systems and pumps. During the morning session the different approaches to system design and how to calculate and size the proper system will be covered – starting from basic up to the latest system design. In the afternoon attendees will learn how to select and size the right pump for the heating system together with suitable electronic systems and equipment in the Xylem portfolio. Finally attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with a working unit in order to understand the different possible situations they may find in the market.
Duration: 5 hours.

DAY 4 – Optional

Site visit
The last day of the training is dedicated to a site visit, where the attendees will have the chance to see a real working system, depending on site availability and time of year.
Duration: 3 hours.