Industrial Pump Product and Application Course

Xyelm industrial courseThe Industrial course covers all Xylem centrifugal pumps, including close coupled, frame mounted, single stage, multistage, horizontal and vertical pumps. In addition, the three day class covers motors, mechanical seals, couplings and industrial drives. Attendees will receive instruction on sizing, applications and features/benefits of each product and interactive training in the demonstration classroom. The Industrial course also includes a plant tour of our manufacturing facility in Montecchio, Italy or Stockerau, Austria, and an optional visit to one of the live installations in the area. Each attendee will learn how to select and size the correct pump for the application. In addition, attendees will gain valuable experience regarding installation, set-up, and troubleshooting of industrial pumps.

Duration: 3 days
Locations: Montecchio Maggiore, Stockerau, Austria

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Detailed program:


Industrial product portfolio

A complete overview of the Xylem portfolio for the industrial market, including pumps, controls, Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and booster sets.
Duration: 1 hour.

Factory tour

Xylem’s facilities adopt the Lean Manufacturing approach, reducing the delivery time and waste with very high flexibility. During the tour the visitor has the possibility to see all the different steps in the manufacturing process, starting with the raw material up to shipment of the final product.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

End suction pumps

A complete presentation of Xylem end suction pumps starting from the small block pump in pressed stainless steel up to the large casted tailor-made pumps, together with their main applications.
Duration: 2 hours.

Multistage pumps

A complete presentation of Xylem multistage pumps, one of the most extensive ranges available in the market place. Starting from the small horizontal Lowara e-HM up to the large MP pumps, together with their main applications.
Duration: 2 hours.


Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

A complete presentation of Xylem drives and monitoring systems; a comprehensive portfolio of Variable Speed Drives for all industrial applications and a technical presentation of the range. A practical session on different demo units is provided.
Duration: 3 hours.

Mechanical seals

A course dedicated to pump sealing systems, from the standard mechanical seals up to the advanced sealing system for tough applications. Attendees learn how to select the right mechanical seals in terms of design and materials, according to different industrial applications.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Impurities and wearing

A course dedicated to the impact of impurities and erosion in industrial applications. Attendees learn how to prevent break doors and loss of production together with the correct material selection for mechanical components.
Duration: 1 hour.


Material compatibility
A technical session dedicated to the behavior of materials with different liquids and environments. Attendees learn how to select the correct pump materials according to different installations and situations.
Duration: 3 hours.

Optional site visit

The last day of the training may feature a site visit, where the attendees will have the chance to see a real working system, depending on site availability and time of year.
Duration: 3 hours.