Drives and Monitoring Training – Advanced

Xyelm drives and monitoring courseThe Advanced class covers power supplies, grounding, protection, motors, controls, hydraulics, efficiency standards, retrofit, meters, advanced drive features and troubleshooting. The advanced class also includes a plant tour of the manufacturing facility in Montecchio, Italy. Each attendee will gain a better understanding of the interworkings of pumps and drives. In addition, attendees will gain valuable hands on experience regarding advanced parameters, option cards and duplex set up of our Commercial/Industrial Variable Speed Drives (VSD) offering.

***Prerequisite: Minimum five years’ experience with pumps and drives. Pre-approval is required.

Duration: 3 days
Location: Montecchio Maggiore, Italy

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Detailed program:


Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

A complete presentation of Xylem drives and monitoring systems; a comprehensive portfolio of Variable Speed Drives for all applications (residential, commercial, industrial).
Duration: 1,5 hours.


Xylem Variable Speed Drives have been installed and used since the beginning of the ’90s. (Hydrovar® is one of the first VSDs designed for pumps). During this session attendees have the chance to see all applications where a VSD should be used and installed, from residential boosting systems up to large industrial applications and how to retrofit.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

Factory tour

Xylem’s facilities adopt the Lean Manufacturing approach, reducing the delivery time and scraps with very high flexibility. During the tour the visitor has the possibility to see all the different steps in the manufacturing process, starting with the raw material up to shipment of the final product.

Duration: 1,5 hours.

Residential drives

A course dedicated to Xylem’s residential drives, from the Genyo up to the latest innovative permanent magnet motors with a VSD integrated; a complete range for all applications. During this session attendees learn how to select, size, couple and set the different drives and software available, together with a hands-on session.
Duration: 1,5 hours.


Commercial drives – Hydrovar®

A course dedicated to Xylem’s well-known VSD, Hydrovar® – one of the first Variable Speed Drives designed for pump applications. The 5th generation of this drive offers extensive features and new software installed for the most important applications, such as water supply and HVAC (heating and cooling). Attendees have the chance to set the Hydrovar® in different situations and applications in the demonstration classroom, together with in depth and parameters of the software.
Duration: 2,5 hours.

Commercial drives – Aquavar

A course dedicated to Xylem’s wall mounted VSD, Aquavar. This Variable Speed Drive is available up to 375 kW for all possible applications in the pump market, with built in software for water supply and HVAC (heating and cooling). Attendees have the chance to set the Aquavar in different situations and applications in the demonstration classroom. Duration: 2,5 hours.


Filters, cables and borehole applications

A course dedicated to filters and cables, when they must be used and how to select and size them. Together with an overview and presentation of different solutions, attendees learn how to design a VSD system for borehole and deep well applications, where the distance between the motor and the Variable Speed Drive can cause several issues.
Duration: 2,5 hours.

Optional site visit

The last day of the training may feature a site visit, where the attendees will have the chance to see a real working system, depending on site availability and time of year.
Duration: 3 hours.