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The competitive landscape makes it more and more important to stay ahead, both as a company and as an individual. Pump systems are often complicated and it requires some skills to find the optimal solution, how to program a Variable Speed Drive or do service maintenance in a correct and efficient way. Xylem experts help you stay on top by offering training courses that will improve the quality of your knowledge.

Our classes

The Xylem Learning Center offers various classes including Food and Beverage, HVAC, Water Systems, Drives and Monitoring, Wastewater, and Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial. Each course covers the breadth of the Xylem product portfolio and related systems, and is available for consultants, engineers, installers, distributors, dealers and OEMs.

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Classroom trainings

Participants spend their time enhancing their learning experience in the classroom and with optional dedicated site visits. Our classrooms are modern, fully equipped and located at our manufacturing facitlities throughout Europe.

One of the key elements of the learning process is the dynamic relationship shared between a student and fellow students, and an attendee and the trainer. Face-to face learning fosters these relationships and remains incredibly vital. By actively seeing a trainer that will convey passion about a pump or a pumping system, it ignites the same passion, better interest due to lack of distractions, and an increase in the likelihood of retention.

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Full time instructors

Together with advice from full-time instructors and product managers, attendees learn product applications, market environments, troubleshooting and system components.

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Bring clean water to the world

Join Waterdrop for a life-changing experience. Every time you learn about, select or specify Xylem products, you collect drops. For every drop you collect, Xylem puts money toward building water towers for schools and communities in need. Let the simple steps you take each day create a better life for children and families all over the world. You may even win a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer trip to help Xylem build a tower. All Xylem Learning Center courses are eligible for water drops.

The Waterdrop program is currently open to residents in France, Germany and UK.

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