Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Lowara Vogel Series?
The Lowara Vogel Series represents the integration of the Vogel Pumpen brand into the Lowara brand family, strengthening the existing Lowara industrial product portfolio with a heavy industry pump offering which underlines our position as one of the global leaders in the market.

Why has Xylem decided to make this change?
The change has been made to strengthen the position of Lowara within the global market place and to bring the heavy industrial pump offering into the Lowara family of solutions. The move also enables Vogel to obtain better visibility in geographic markets in which Lowara has a strong position. Consolidating brands will allow us to better raise our profile in the market by allowing us to invest more marketing communications budget in fewer brands.

Would it not have been better to keep the original brand name if the market already knows it?
The Vogel brand is known in some countries, which explains why we are retaining it as the name for our heavy industrial products within the Lowara portfolio. By making it part of the Lowara brand family we increase our ability to sell our full range of products into the industrial segment throughout the EMEA region.

Will the product range now feature the Lowara logo?
Yes, from January 2015, the Vogel Pumpen products will be rebranded and will feature the Lowara logo. Products will be branded Lowara Vogel Series.

Will the Vogel Pumpen brand completely disappear from the market?
The brand will be represented as the Vogel Series within the Lowara brand family.  The Vogel series products will carry the Lowara logo with the Vogel Series name as a descriptor. At the time of the transition we will discontinue the use of the Vogel Pumpen logo.

If customers still have some of the old stock, can they still sell-it?
The technology within the Lowara Vogel Series has not changed. As older Vogel Pumpen branded products are used and sold they will be replaced with the Lowara Vogel Series. Customers can continue to sell product as before.

Have any changes been made to the product?
The technical specification and design of the product will remain exactly the same, the only difference will be the re-branding to the Lowara Vogel series.

What are the changes to our customers?
There are no changes except the brand name towards our customers.

When will the change be effective?
The Lowara Vogel Series will be available, under the new branding, from 1st of January 2015.

Will customers with exclusive Vogel Pumpen contracts, need to sign new contracts?
Yes. New contracts will need to be agreed under the new brand names. This will be conducted by the customer’s current sales contact and supported by the Xylem management team and brand migration team.

Does Xylem have plans to migrate any other brands in the near future?
Our brand portfolio is under constant review to allow our customers greater access to the complete Xylem product range. By making our brands easier to understand in the marketplace we make it easier for customers to understand and buy our full portfolio of products.   This also allows us to better focus our marketing communications investment and raise our visibility in the market by spending more dollars on fewer brands.

Will the price of the product be effected by the change?
No, the pricing structure for the Lowara Vogel Series will remain the same.

Who are the sales contacts for the new Lowara Vogel series?
Your present local or international Xylem sales contacts will continue as normal for this range.